ULRP BioUltra

Ultra-light Rail Partners are innovators in developing environmentally friendly and efficient rail vehicles. Following a £350k IUK test bed vehicle, they needed a system integration and design partner capable of fully developing a biomethane fuelled hybrid railcar to carry 120 passengers.

We led the aesthetic, electrical, mechanical and structural design with support from industry experts (Organic Power, TramPower) on the propulsion system.

Probably the most environmentally friendly passenger vehicle in the world. A light weight, efficient 120 person biomethane hybrid. By removing methane from the atmosphere it is 46x better than even todays electrified trains, let alone diesels.

Despite maximising passenger capacity, we created a light and spacious feel. It has step-free boarding at platforms, and is fully DDA and RGS compliant.

Strength comes from integral lattice beams formed within the spaceframe exoskeleton. The lightweight structure also provides a strong cage to protect passengers and bonded clad panels further stiffen it.

Large crumple zones at each end allow occupants to survive multi-megajoule impacts with heavy trains – Conforming to RGS crashworthiness P-III. This was validated with FEA modelling.

COVID-19 is eliminated when entering vehicle by UV light, and on exiting by incineration in the engine. The same UV lights bath the cabin at night. Removable perspex shields separate passengers.

Every wheel is electrically driven (max traction) with the battery pack topped up by regenerative braking and biomethane combustion engines (smaller than in your car). Includes 100% system redundancy.

Onboard composite biomethane storage

Maximum energy regeneration and low weight greatly reduce fuel consumption. All machinery mounted in easy side access trays removable by forklift for quick servicing or replacement.