ZX Lidars ZX TM

ZX Lidars started the revolution in the way wind is measured and needed a wind turbine mounted product for wind farms to boost turbine efficiency.

We provided an on-site team fully integrated into ZX Lidars’ team of scientists and engineers to create their next revolutionary wind industry product – designed to cope with the harshest of offshore, mountain and desert conditions.

30 years of experience designing effective seals managing differential expansion and specifying materials allows us to create high performance, robust products.

Precision optics, servos and circuit boards needed to be protected to IP67. Internal chassis architecture facilitated multi-stage test procedures, easy install and maintenance. Tolerances on optical stack, and material performance across the thermal range was carefully managed.

We produced all drawings and 3D data files for manufacture of the lidar head housing, turbine integration kit, and lidar control unit enclosure. Our experience of manufacturing processes ensured each component performed well.

After a successful pre-production testing at an operational Scottish wind farm ZX TM has proceeded to manufacture. ZX TM is at the forefront of nacelle-lidar technology in the wind industry.