We have the capability to address all aspects of your product development.

With world class design and engineering talent we create meaningful, intelligent, and appropriate solutions for the challenges our clients face. We listen and create products that work for you.

Product Design

We approach each project with an open mind and fully capture our clients’ requirements. By applying our skills, sensitivity and experience we create designs that delight and excite users. To create appealing and functional products a good understanding of manufacturing techniques and materials means the final product still has the intended character and solid construction.

Mechanical and Structural Engineering

Our engineers ensure structural and mechanical integrity are achieved using hand calculations and Finite Element Analysis. Designs might cater for stress, compression, pressure, differential thermal expansion, fatigue, shock, galvanic reactions etc.

Production Engineering

To be competitive, you need the best manufacturing methods to give full functionality at the minimum cost. Invizio has commissioned parts using hundreds of methods and understands how to design around their unique limitations.


We can rapidly get designs into CAD and visualise them or commence manufacture. This allows you to move towards realistic designs quickly. We have a suite of simulation tools to check manufacturability and product integrity. Our servers allow our team to collaboratively yet securely work from your offices, or anywhere.

Rendering and Visualisations

Our keyshot licenses let us create photo-realistic renderings that you can show to share-holders and investors. We can create detail shots, full product renders and exploded views to help you deliver your message to the right people.


It’s often best to physically validate some aspects of a design. Whether it’s just a quick space envelope, or something functional, we can create it in our workshops. For parts we draw upon a large global base of suppliers who we regularly work with.