About us

We turn ideas into reality. With world class design and engineering talent we create meaningful, intelligent and appropriate solutions for the challenges our clients face.

We take your ideas and create products that work for you.

Our team has worked for top international design agencies. Combining our decades of experience, we have the knowledge to design and manufacture any product and can assist at any point in your product’s lifecycle.

We offer a range of seniority levels, so we can offer you pricing and skill levels that work for you. Contact Us


We are always on the lookout for new talent. If you feel you would be a good fit for our team contact us to email your CV and portfolio to us.

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Paddy Fawcett, Company Director

Paddy is an award winning designer with 30 years of design and engineering experience. From Senior Product Design at top 5 agency – Philips Design to Head of Product Design at QinetiQ. He has been the Strategic Product Manager of a £16bn portfolio in Aerospace.

As a founder of Invizio, Paddy loves applying his experience to new projects small and large. He finds great satisfaction in finding the perfect fusion between great function and appealing aesthetic.

“Building a team of highly-skilled people is just as critical for successful product outcomes as having strong design skills.”

“QinetiQ was somewhere I learned about the challenges of product design,” says Matt, “making ideas work despite tight deadlines and always bringing it in on budget.”

Matt Ellam, Product Design Engineer

As a product design engineer, Matt brings knowledge and experience from diverse sectors. He has worked on many successful consumer products while working for Dyson, Mamas and Papas and Silver Cross.

One of Matt’s strengths is the ability to bridge the gap between the work of a product designer and engineer. His appreciation of the process, with the ability to conceptualise before putting ideas into practise, allows him and his clients to create products with an innovative approach to form and function.

Matt and Paddy Fawcett worked together at QinetiQ.

The Team

We have a core in-house team of designers and project managers and call upon freelance designers, prototype builders and engineers.

The full teamwork in a cohesive way using digitally shared tools, processes and data.

“We offer better value by keeping a small efficient team that we can grow for bigger projects.”

“Supported by a large international portfolio of regularly tried and trusted suppliers for components.”