Indra Smart LUX™

Indra Renewable Technologies, UK high growth business winner, is revolutionising home charging with cutting edge technologies and manufacturing techniques. They needed a compact charger design that visually expressed the smart capabilities.

We worked closely with Indra to develop the modern, stylish design of the new Indra Smart LUXTM home EV charger.

The product feels alive and interactive with light emanating out of the floating piano gloss interactive panel into the vanes of the turbine. It conveys a sense of high tech turbine power generation, all in a smart frame in a colour to match your house.

Our in-depth understanding of injection moulding allowed us to rapidly get the designs production ready.  Clever design drastically reduced production assembly time and unit costs by getting a handful of parts to perform multiple functions.

To meet the stringent IP67 and IK 10 impact and waterproof requirements we used best practices on seal design and structural integrity.  We also eliminated threaded inserts to meet WEEE recycling needs, whilst still providing foolproof over torquing prevention.